Thursday, November 5, 2015

Earth History Campaign Mission V + updates!

Hey fellow kerbonauts! It's high time we released another Earth History Campaign Mission. If you have no idea what EHC is, I suggest you read our previous blogpost.

EHC Mission V
Here are the blueprints,
are you up to the task?

This time, Kerbals are more ambitious than ever and set their sights on orbit. Following the blueprints of R-7, one of the most popular rockets in the history of spaceflight, they make their way out of the atmosphere. There's a whole teaching guide to go with it, too. Check them out on the EHC-website!

We also want to thank some of our community members for the invaluable feedback on the missions.(cheers, BalrogGamer!)

We know: it's been a while since the last update. We had some changes in KerbalEdu-team and one of the newest TeacherGaming-employess, Raido is taking over KerbalEdu development from Marko (who's starting to work on our very first own game!). The transition took a while and we also needed to add some new features to the Mission Editor. That's why we needed...

An update! 

To play the latest EHC Mission, you'll need to update the game to its latest version.

Here's a quick summary of the changes:
  • Mission Editor: Added conditions for apoapsis, periapsis and orientation.
  • Mission Editor: you can now group conditions! Ever wanted to make complicated missions with multiple conditions? Now you can! You're no longer stuck with simple AND & OR. 
  • Mission Editor: tweaks to automatic saving.
  • Added the ability to load parts and crafts with the mission file.
  • Added parts to R-7.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Overall, once we are done with the EHC Missions, our plan is to go over a list of fixes we wanted to do for the game. The next update should include a longer list of changes.

That's all folks! We promise to be faster with the next missions!

-Mikael, TG


  1. Cheers RIGHT BACK at you guys!

    I guess I can publicly say I'm helping test now. :)